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Handmade soaps features

  • The natural handmade soaps features:
    • Vegetable oils, goat milk, shea butter, oils due to subtle effect: back to your skin for healthy function;
    • Skin problems, dry, sensitive skin, acne, eczema, psoriasis, can ease, heal from its use;
    • The scalp is perfectly regenerates;
    • The soap found in medicinal plants, herbs, fruits grow organic conditions. Maceratum: the plants, flowers extract oil and the soap component;
    • The essential oils used are 100% pure, natural;

    The 4-week maturation process by the end of the fully mature slightly alkaline soap favorable effect forms a protective layer on the skin, cleans well, care.
    The specific effect of soaps, lotion for extra effect, a variety of herbs, essential oils, honey, Dead Sea mud, spirulina algae, etc.. is given.

Washing Soap

  • Washing Soap, why is it good?

    This gentle cleansing with modern machines and can also be used as only natural substances, the dermatologists are keen to offer those whose detergents trigger skin irritation.
    In contrast to the various chemicals that are in the bleaching detergent or stain remover, washing soap does not damage the fabric fibers, even the most delicate clothes can clean it.
    The forgotten wonder drug is that it is the price is very affordable and is able to get rid of any stain, the white turns beszürkült lingerie. In arriving at a fully degrade into water, so it does not alter the ecological balance either.
    Hand washing the washing soap simply rub the soiled clothes. A few minutes may be converted into the washing machine. You do not need more than a cheese grater: Grate the soap and then wash about two tablespoons fill the detergent dispenser. If the detergent is so skin-and environmentally-friendly, whether it is to rinse! Water + 90% + 10% acetic few drops of essential oils. Soft and easy to iron clothes for the result.

Hungaricum information

  • In the HUNGARYwebshop you can buy hungaricum character specialties and handicrafts

    What is the Hungaricum?
    The hungaricum special, unique, distinctive, typical things to Hungary, which the Hungarians are known in the world.
    Hungaricum, "High quality and special features of the traditional foods, arts and crafts products".

    Order from a special high-quality products.
    The products have to be continuously expanded.
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Mangalica spicy dry sausage

  • IMG0055

    An ancient Hungarian product, it has a pleasant hot taste, has low cholesterol-content, it has a soft consistency, it is fine and crisp and is made of mangalica pork meat and mangalica bacon.

Catfish Salami with Paprika

  • csiposharcsa

    It is a special fish-salami made of the filet of the South-African catfish with tallow. This product is easily digestible, rich in vitamins and has low cholesterol content. It tastes like a good fish-soup.





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